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'[OT] RE: Audio DAC Accuracy [Tech]'
2000\04\04@230522 by Plunkett, Dennis

The first and most important question that you have to ask is how colse to
the original does it have to be? If the original is sampled at 44.1KHz, then
unless you are going to interpolate the results to increase the sample rate
then nominal audio type sampling is OK. (You atempted to cover this in your
8 to 16x bit)  However if you want to also provide the high frequency
transient responses then the sample rate has to be very very high (Around
Whichever you use the reconstruction filers will be the bigest bottleneck, a
4 to 6pole butterworth should do the job.

Also note that there is a big difference between the SHA accruacy and the
rate of change that  it will respond to.


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