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'[OT] RAM Quest, getting frustrated!'
1999\11\18@203326 by Mark Willis

Hi - I'm looking for a source for 200+ pieces of 18160 RAM for a
project;  I need 5V TSOP 50/44 pin parts (11 leads at 4 different spots,
sort of like a SOIC only fine pitch & 3 leads "missing" in the middle on
each side), 70nS or faster.  Questions to a few major parts houses have
so far been met with dead silence.  I need these soon  - Anyone have a
good idea for me here?  (Need at least a pair of these to start with, so
if someone just has a couple 64MBit chips like these, I'd be glad to buy
them.  If anyone knows who still makes these, even, that would help!
I'll settle for scrounging off old boards, people <G>)

These could be like the 16MBit NEC D4216160LG5-A70-7JF part, only larger
capacity.  Hyundai also makes similar parts.  Looking for "real" part
numbers, I know the 18160 part for certain <G>

BTW, though is having DNS problems tonight,
it's normally HANDY!  If you haven't used this to find chips, try it;
Could be handy for you as it has for me <G>


I do small package shipping for small businesses, world-wide.

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