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PICList Thread
'[OT] Price and availability of PIC parts'
2000\03\01@063506 by Jinx

face picon face
> By being on this list YOU are face to face with the exponentially
> increasing explosion in knowledge happening today.

What's that got to do with anything ?

> Yet you want the world in new Zealand to stay as it was in the 1960's

No I don't

> with a fully equiped DSE/Jaycar down the street with 104 monoblocks
> in a choice of .1" or .2" pitch.

Since when has DSE or Jaycar been "fully equipped" for either buying
PICs, other micros or any industrial-type components ? They're a retail
outlet for hobbyists. I will use them for a couple of logic chips, a kit, or
a few discrete components. I've tried to get manufacturing samples
from them - they aren't interested. They will act as a broker for large
orders, but I can do that myself.

> Get real. If you want to live in a backwater for electronic hardware
> development

Excuse me ?

> then accept that there is an increasing cost.

I had no complaint about cost - I was talking about the excuses and
sales policies of companies who claim to support development but
make it difficult for a potential customer to have development samples,
paid for or otherwise. The last time I tried to buy 15 12C508s, I was
told I could have a tube and like it or nothing. Even when I offered the
same margin as they would have made on a tube I still could not buy
15. I believe that is not good sales practise or a way to win customers.
The components are HERE. Read the subject line.

> Kids today are not going into electronics as they did in the 1960's -
> they are playing Quake.

So what ?

> Think 'world'.

> Do as I do.

> 1. Buy from the USA for ICs in bulk. Here are the places:

> I have my credit card with 2 of them. I email and the goods come UPS,
> FedEx, DHL.

Who was talking about bulk ? I can get bulk when I want it - I have e-mail
and a card too

> No, dont complain to me about the high cost of couriers. You get your
> goods in 3 days almost guaranteed. Post offics - 3-4 weeks for 'Airmail'.

I use couriers all the time.

> 2. For IC samples: cultivate some friends in the USA with picture books
> of NZ sheep, yacht races and Queenstown mountains in return for samples
> as requested.

Perhaps I could send colouring-in books, twice the fun. How about glass
beads and blankets ? Do you guys in the US have "mirrors" ?

> Rant finished......

> regards,

> Peter Crowcroft

Half of it was wrong, the other half I didn't understand.

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