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'[OT] Polyphasic Sleep ~~ a dream come true :-)'
2006\01\28@075515 by Russell McMahon

Has anyone tried "Polyphasic Sleep" or know anyone who has?
Sounds extremely useful if viable.
Would not suit many lifestyles but may suit mine.


Sleep < 30 minutes at a time typically 4 hours apart on a reasonably
rigid schedule.
End up with 3 - 4 hours sleep/day and in a better condition by *all*
measures than for 'normal" sleep.

Works by causing body to drop into REM sleep immediately instead of
after an hour plus as usually happens.

Transition into this system takes about a week and can be 'rough'.


Best of all may be "free running sleep" - but that's another matter.
(Sleep on demand - neither more or less).



Wife comments

3 month conclusion


"As polyphasic sleepers get a lot of Stage 4 NREM and REM sleep, they
may achieve higher alertness levels than those who do not practice the
art of napping."

Current polyphasic users and scientific evidence (Claudio) both
suggest that problems relating to tiredness dissipate around 10 days
into the schedule, and disappear completely around 14 days into the
schedule, but many self-testers do not effectively plan their two week
transition period. Therefore, they remain tired long after the target
14-day end date and eventually terminate the experiment.

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