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'[OT] Physician inventor'
1998\03\31@200702 by Mike Keitz

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On Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:03:27 -0500 Jacques Audette
<spam_OUTJacques.AudetteTakeThisOuTspamABL.CA> writes:
>Motorola makes a 40g acceleration sensor (senseon is the name). so,
>depending on the precision you require, you could go up to there. For
>storing of data, it is pretty simple, so is the interface.
>As for consultation services, it is out of my league but help can
>usually be
>found here.

I've seen complete units that are intended to be put in the crate with
large, fragile, expensive items to determine if (and when) they are
mishandled during shipment.  They range from simple devices that pop
apart if a certain impact is exceeded to complicated ones with recording
systems.  Maybe one of these could be adapted to a particular
application.  I don't remember who made them though.

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