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'[OT] Part identification'
1999\08\27@074736 by Max Toole

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I need to know the identity of a part that I think is a varistor.  It is dark
red, looks similar to a disc ceramic capacitor and has the markings:

H A3

On the circuit board, it has a reference designator of RV1.

Does anyone have an idea who the manufacturer might be and what the device
is?  I think it is used for surge suppression in the circuit.

I really appreciate any help from anyone.


1999\08\27@080029 by Michael Rigby-Jones

It's a Metal Oxide Varistor, manufactured by HARRIS

AC working voltage = 175 volts
DC working voltage = 225 volts
Transient energy = 55 Joules
Peak transient current = 4500 Amps
Varistor voltage @ 1ma Min=247, Nom = 270, Max = 303

Hope that helps!!

Mike Rigby-Jones

> {Original Message removed}

1999\08\27@080435 by Max Toole

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In a message dated 8/27/99 8:01:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
spam_OUTmrjonesTakeThisOuTspamNORTELNETWORKS.COM writes:

> t's a Metal Oxide Varistor, manufactured by HARRIS
>  AC working voltage = 175 volts
>  DC working voltage = 225 volts
>  Transient energy = 55 Joules
>  Peak transient current = 4500 Amps
>  Varistor voltage @ 1ma Min=247, Nom = 270, Max = 303
>  Hope that helps!!
>  Mike Rigby-Jones
Thank you SOOO much.  I can't tell you how much that helps.

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