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PICList Thread
'[OT] PS/2 extension cables'
1999\10\28@130303 by Harrison Cooper

ok...I've been after my suppliers for a while to try and solve this for me,
but they haven't been able to find what I need.  And, time is running out so
I turn to the list.

Have an embedded PC *gasp* running DOS, and the keyboard and monitor needs
to be around 20' from the instrument.  First, anyone know if there is a
limit to the distance for driving both, and second, an extension cable for
video and PS/2 AND a bulkhead adapter for PS/2 ?

Oh..suppose it is not totally unrelated to PIC, as there is a PIC in the
overall design of the instrument...  :-)

private email is probably better than cluttering up the list. I think I set
it so a click on reply will come back to me direct

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