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PICList Thread
'[OT] PRB'
2000\03\31@222909 by Lea

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about a day ago you write:
>//On Soap Box
>What's wrong with driving within the speed limit?  I got my last speeding
>ticket in December of 1976 and have found that driving less than 5 mph over
>the speed limit is acceptable to the law enforcement people.  I do not use a
>radar detector.  Speed limits are set for the safety of all - not as a
>challenge to get around.
>//Off Soap Box

Hi! , Nothing, drive at allowed speed is for safety and is Ok.
but, remember...
Any Imposed limitation , is a challenge for many people, and it's good
too , I'm one of them :-)

another person wrote that one:
>You could use a PIC to record how many people die from
>excess speed.
>With a special column for the children.

Here is when the common sense take place.

Other person wrote:
>  You could go the speed limit and save a lot of time, worry and money.
>However, if you must, a simple spray-on gloss enamel or clear tag cover over
>the tag is much easier method of masking the tag. This works because of the
>extreme angles PR's take picutres.

Won't work with professional video cameras, the photo radar that I made works
even with scrached plastic covers, maybe work if the optical quality is bad
but this is usually not the case.

see you
  Leandro J. Laporta (LU2AOQ)      mail:
wrk: Arg. Assoc. for Space Tech.    ham: TCP/IP high speed group HSG

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