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'[OT] PIC-C syntax question'
2000\05\23@133303 by Andrew Kunz

I want a table in ROM of pointers to entry points into void functions.  How do I
declare this?

For instance:

void func1 (void);
void func2 (void);
void func3 (void);

<declaration?> test[] = { &func1, &func2, &func3 };

for (i = 0; i < 3; i++)
    test[i] ();

I need this from time to time, and always lose the code that worked.



2000\05\23@142921 by Jim Hartmann

Function pointers are declared:
    return_type (*function_name)(function parameters);

An array of function pointers:
    return_type (*function_array_name[array_size])(function parameters);

The functions are declared in the usual way.

To pre-initialize a table in RAM:
    return_type (*function_array_name[array_size])(function parameters)
= {func1, func2, func3...};

To put the table in ROM:
    return_type (* const function_array_name[array_size])(function
parameters) = {func1, func2, func3...};

To change the table:
    function_array_name[x] = a_new_function;

To call...

that was fun,

2000\05\23@144544 by Barry King

Andy asked:
> I want a table in ROM of pointers to entry points into void functions.  How do I
> declare this?

Here's what I did in a state machine in HiTech C:

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// StateFn is a constant array of function pointers which is used
//         to dispatch the State functions.  The functions take
//         no parms and return nothing.

void (* const StateFn[])() = {
                                State0,  // Index 0
                                State1,  // Index 1
                                State2,  // Index 2

// each function looks like:
void State0(){

// To invoke a function given the Index
// (UIState = 0..2 in this example):

(*StateFn[UIState])(); // call the state Function based on UIState
                   // index

2000\05\23@144929 by Andrew Kunz

Thanks guys!

That works.


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