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'[OT] PCB coatings and their solvents'
1998\12\05@175542 by Don Holtz


Does anyone know what kind of solvent would work for cleaning/dissolving
the green conformal coating that is used to stop oxidation on most
commerical PCB's.

I often need to do small repairs on PCB's.  Currently I scrape the coatings
off which can be difficult, and dangerous (for fear of damaging the board
too much).

It would be great if I could use a cotton swab to clean the board in the
vicinity of where I will be working!  I have tried MEK (Methly Ethly
Keton), Xylene, Ascetone, and Laquer Thinner - none of which seem to affect
the green coating!

Cheers, and thanks!


1998\12\05@192131 by Gabriel Gonzalez

Try N-methyl pyrrolidone, this may work, or call Dynasolve at (201)
887-9270, they will have something for sure. I don't know if they sell to


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1998\12\06@102225 by Mark A Moss

picon face
Steel wool might work.  If the steel wool can't remove the coating, try a
Dremel.  This requires extreme care to avoid grinding completely through
the trace.

Mark Moss
Amateur Radio Operator, Technician, and General Tinkerer

On Sat, 5 Dec 1998 14:53:27 -0800 Don Holtz <spam_OUTdaholtzTakeThisOuTspamAXIONET.COM> writes:
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1998\12\06@105634 by Brian Aase

IIRC, the green solder mask coating is a heat-cured polyamide
epoxy that is not likely to yield to any kind of "polite" solvent.
Ther are solvents that will take it off, but they are *very* nasty
and are likely to eat into the actual PCB laminate as well!
Check out for an overview of these.
Most of us rely on the good old x-acto knife as the safest and
most convenient removal method.

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1998\12\06@114934 by paulb

Mark A Moss wrote:

> Steel wool might work.  If the steel wool can't remove the coating,

 Steel wool in a *small* ball held in stout tweezers.
       Paul B.

1998\12\07@055545 by Jochen Feldhaar

Hi Don,

this layer is printed on in near liquid form and then BAKED at almost 200
¡C, almost the same way as a car body paint job. So it is altered
chemically to withstand the stress during the soldering process.
So far I have not discovered a solvent for this thing. But if you heat the
PCB to more than 100 degrees, the layer will become easier to scratch off.
I don't know any other method if it's industry standard stuff..


Jochen DH6FAZ

1998\12\12@144202 by Craig Lee

Oven cleaner?

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From: Don Holtz <.....daholtzKILLspamspam@spam@AXIONET.COM>
Date: Saturday, December 05, 1998 2:54 PM
Subject: [OT] PCB coatings and their solvents

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