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'[OT] Ontario Supply -- garage door openers'
2009\06\08@132104 by Vitaliy

Hi List,

I am not affiliated with Ontario Supply, but I wanted to share my very
positive experience with them.

Last year burglars broke into my wife's car, and used the garage door opener
to get inside the garage. Thankfully, the door to the house was locked, so
the only thing they stole was a $150 tool set.

I reprogrammed the opener, but the thieves still had the remote. After a
couple of days, all remaining remotes stopped working, and the opener unit
refused to be reprogrammed.

I bought a replacement circuit board and three remotes from Ontario Supply.
Each time my order arrived promptly (from NY to AZ, last order arrived in
just four days via Priority Mail), and the items worked flawlessly. They
were also competent and helpful via email, which I cannot say about another
company I originally contacted.

Ontario Supply's website is

I am planning to eventually wire up one of the remotes to use as part of the
home automation system.

Best regards,


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