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'[OT] Old parts have oxidized leads!'
2000\01\21@191953 by Robert A. LaBudde

<x-flowed>At 05:45 PM 1/21/00 -0500, Chris wrote:
>I have some new parts that clearly sat for a while, as they have a gray
>color to the leads.  They are 3W resistors, and will get a little warm.
>I am using organic core when I assemble stuff like this, so I have the
>most aggressive flux.  I would really rather not assemble these parts
>into the product as is.
>I for one do not want to sit there with steel wool for a day.  Does
>anyone know of a specific chemical that can strip the oxidation from tin
>plated leads with ease?  Surely this is a cinch for the chemistry
>whizzes out there.

1. Any brass or silver cleaner from the hardware or grocer.

2. Dilute (5%) nitric acid, if you can find it.

3. Dilute (5%) hydrochloric acid (available as 'muriatic acid' for pool

4. White vinegar.

5. FeCl3 etchant for circuit boards.

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