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'[OT] National standards was: [PIC] Clean work!'
2007\03\06@001123 by Vasile Surducan

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You can say everything you want about Seiichi Inoue exept that it has
ineficiency or lack of ingenuity. What some people on this list can't
understand is that not everything in this world is made for selling.
This will be difficult to understand if living in US for a long
About packaging, do you know why most of the people are selling
modules without a real package ? Because a good package for electronic
stuff is as difficult to be manufactured or bought as the whole
electronic design which will fill that box...


On 3/5/07, James Newtons Massmind <> wrote:
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> -

2007\03\06@030749 by Jinx

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>> NZ in general. They are the only people from Oz

James, NZ isn't Australia's new state just yet. It might happen, around
about the time France annexes the UK or Canada gives in ;-)

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