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'[OT] Midi data format'
1999\11\02@132403 by Darren Logan

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Hello there fellow pic'ers,

   Im interested in learning about Midi data format, (both reading and
   I havent't a clue on the subject and am starting from the very trough of
the     learning curve.

   If anyone could donate any kind of tutorial, experience, code or circuits
to do   with Midi then I'd be very grateful (to my e-mail address not the

   Thanks in advance,

Darren Logan BSc

1999\11\04@123025 by Zack Cilliers

Send me your e-mail address and i will send you some info


(Remove the second .com)

One regrets more the things that you
did not do than the things you did do.
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1999\11\04@131018 by Jose Souto


1999\11\04@163228 by Keith Causey

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I have a program that I wrote for the 16C73 that reads MIDI data. It parses
the "note on" information and uses that to set or reset the remaining 20
bits of output on the chip. These outputs are used to control a battery of
solid-state-relays (available from Radio Shack) that control incandescent
light bulbs. It can be operated from either a sequencer or connected
directly to a keyboard. It will allow you to make a pretty impressive light

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