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'[OT] Microsoft chops Vista retail prices'
2008\02\29@042451 by Xiaofan Chen

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Most of the people will get Windows when buying a new computer. But
take note that some people do buy retail/OEM version of Windows.
For example, there are quite some people who assemble their own
computer (or let the shops doing the assembling for them) and then
they will buy the retail or the OEM version (some shops will be qualified to
sell the customer an OEM version if the customer buying the full
system) of Windows.

100 millions of Vista has been sold. So hopefully more drivers
and third-party application will be tested to work on Vista.


2008\02\29@051000 by Picbits Sales

Even if they gave it away free I would still consider using XP Pro.

It's the worst operating system I've had the displeasure of using in my 20
years in IT.

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