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'[OT] Looking for an Assembler Editor'
1999\07\08@151147 by Wagner Lipnharski

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Does any one knows a simple assembler text editor that keeps track of
labels and variable names?

Some that it is easy to browse where a variable is used within the
source code?

the same for locating where a specific label is being used?

jump to a specific label (routine) without need to do a nasty text

I already saw something like that in the past, but it was far big and
complicated to use. Personally I don't like those programs that comes
with all the things you never use, along with calculators, phone book -
auto dialer, thinks to do memory pad, spreadsheet, filters for Word,
Excell, Amipro, DBase, and more... arg!

Probably I am old enough to hate to use a mouse while using solder iron
in one hand and four components in the other hand... a nice batch DOS
file can call the DOS editor, then call the Assembler, then the Hex -->
Bin converter, then call the microcontroller download file transfer,
then call the program that use the board under development....

I tried to use something similar with the above idea in Windows...
man... several mouse clicks, open, select and close windows, open menus,
click options, execute things... mouse rolling over small resistors on
the table... a mess... not a simple way to do everything in with just a
"Enter Key" pressed as a DOS batch file....

Any idea?


1999\07\08@162018 by Gary Tompkins

Check out PFE (Programmers File Editor), jump to labels or variables without
leaving the mouse.


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1999\07\08@163628 by Bob Blick

I think the latest version of Ultraedit:
will track functions for you. I'm using an earlier version and I like it
a lot, I have a PIC assembly wordfile for it, so it syntax colors

It's cheap, too. Take a look. It will run MPLAB or MPASM(or your favorite
C compiler) from within.


1999\07\09@070642 by Dave_V

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Will a shareware text editor with a lot of easily configured Macro's do?
(You can load & save macro files too).

You've probably heard of Boxer (by David Hamel) which (imho) is an awesome
text editor.
Size is just over a Meg installed (Ver. 7.5), but it has heaps of features.
You've probably heard of it already, it's for programmers (use with
compiler), colour syntax highlighting, billions more features (block
highlighting, anchors, sorting, LFN...)...

I don't know if macro's is really what you're after, but someone else
reading this may well have a better idea as to it's relevance.

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