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'[OT] Linux config'
2000\05\18@024848 by juggernut


Komusta mga PICLISTERS!

Well, I'm Here OT again....

Recently, I installed the REDHAT 6.0 Linux.
Now the problem is that I don't know the following on how to configure:
1. Video card to select into higher resolution
2. sound card (my soundcard is a Labway Xwave 3000 PCI)
3. FM Tuner card (AKTIV radio)

Do I have to install the FM tuner card driver for linux?

Please help me....Thanks.

Best regards,
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2000\05\18@185204 by paulb

juggernut wrote:

> on how to configure:

 This could get lengthy.  I have Sams "Red Hat Linux 6.0 Unleashed"
which covers it quite well, so you could look for that book.

> 1. Video card to select into higher resolution

 Read files in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/doc

You need to use Xconfigurator (or something like that - you should by
now know how to use the terminal Tab key function) if it did not already
run during the install, or /usr/X11R6/bin/xf86config or/ and then
perhaps XF86Setup to specify your video card chipset and desired modes.

 You may later need to change the *order* of the Modes entries in the
Screen section of the file XF86Config so that your preferred screen
resolution comes up at initialisation.  Otherwise Ctrl-Alt-keypad-"+"
and "-" rotate the video modes in X.

> 2. sound card (my soundcard is a Labway Xwave 3000 PCI)

 sndconfig - it's part of linuxconf too, I think.

> 3. FM Tuner card (AKTIV radio)

 Drivers/ documentation came with it?
       Paul B.

2000\05\18@185828 by Gennette, Bruce

Its worse than you think.

For non-standard equipment you don't just have to get the drivers, you have
to make a custom kernel (the group of programs that are actually linux) that
includes the drivers.
Building a new kernel is then just a matter of following a script which
sends you to the correct directories and calls the correct source code and
the C compiler to create a unique version of linux for your computer
hardware. [This is worth doing anyway because the 'standard' kernel is full
of stuff you don't need and its optimized for a 386, not a Pentium II or
!!!].  Compiling a new kernel takes about an hour on a 450MHz Celeron with
user intervention required at the beginning and about halfway through.

You will need to get Xwindows version 4 for newer video cards - your 2 year
old redhat 6 will only have Xwindows 3.2 at best, way out of date.

Get a newer version of linux.
Search on the net for suppliers of GPR versions - these are just a (full) CD
for about $5 mail order without the fancy packaging and book.  Make sure the
distribution you get has Xwindows 4.x


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