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'[OT] Linux computer in credit card'
2000\05\02@023747 by Russell McMahon

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May be of interest to some



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Check out this embedded Linux - credit card sized board...

Martigny, SWITZERLAND -- Swiss startup Smartdata today unveiled a
sized embedded Linux computer called µ-computer Chipslice. The tiny device,
which runs uClinux, is intended to be used in a wide range of mobile,
and wearable computing applications.

According to Jean-Pierre Buttet, founder and CEO of Smartdata, the company
has created "the world's first Linux-powered smartcard, which contains
a revolutionary architecture that allows multiple combinations of
within one device." Buttet says his company has applied for a patent on
"technology that enables the production of cost effective credit card sized
modular pocket internet appliances." Typical applications targeted by the
devices include mobile internet appliances, wearable computers, PDAs, mobile
phone companions, PC companions, mobile micro webservers, and smartcard


The tiny credit-card sized computer (see photo) includes . . .
16MHz 68EZ328 DragonBall Microcontroller

4Mbyte FLASH and 2Mbyte SRAM

Interfaces: RS232, USB, SPI, LCD, touchscreen

Additional 8 I/O to control SPI bus devices

Integrated voltage regulator for power supply (battery or directly from
USB host powered)

Software: Linux kernel, based on uClinux

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.1 x .1 in. (86 x 54 x 2.9 mm)

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