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PICList Thread
'[OT] Limit of [OT]'
2005\11\28@193354 by Chen Xiao Fan

Olin wrote:
>Tag changed to EE, again.  Folks, can we please use the correct tags?

EE is not well defined even it means [Everything Engineering]. I saw
the antivirus thread from James, so IT is considered as [EE], I
agree with this but people may not agree. And quite some of the [EE] or
even [PIC] issues will be considered by James as religious.

><Olin's rant>
>I would like to shut off OT also as I don't want the annoying kid screaming
>during dinner over pointless discussions about what is knowable, or
>political rants about the Soviet Union.  However all too often there is
>stuff mistagged on OT.  RF transmission and reception is clearly a EE
>Why the %$*##^* wasn't it tagged like that in the first place!?
>I also hereby encourage James to be a bit more restrictive with OT.  Some
>off topic conversations can be interesting, but threads where people
{Quote hidden}

<Xiaofan' rant and solution to [OT]>
Totally agree. "unknowable" and "knowable" are really too difficult and
too subjective. In my opinion, all political and religious and some other
stuffs should be banned. Engineering, IT, science and any technical related
issues should be allowed even if they are considered as unknowable.

Or James can separate OT into two parts (political and non-political).
But I think various similar suggestions have been put up and ignored.
So I will suggest people who do not like [OT] to unsubscribe [OT] and
then use Gmane to read the [OT] part of PIClist. may
be another option.

I use Gmail (Windows/Linux) and OE(Windows)/Thundeebird(Linux) coupled
with Gmane to read [OT]. That is a better option. In fact I do not
subscribe [OT] from this address. I may want to unsubscribe PIClist
totally from this address later because of the difficulty not to
top-post from Outlook 2K (manually adding '>' for this post).

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