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'[OT] Lego or Fischertechnik for kid's firstelectro'
2005\11\07@185638 by regen / Mailinglists

> Now we get to the real moral problem -- should
> I buy this for my one of my grandsons, or for me!  :-)  

Ok, there are 3 ways to solve it ...

1) Get one only for you and keep it.

But mostly will not work. Typical result is, my son see it and get it
and I stay without anything :-(

2) I get one for my son and of course, I have to "test" it before I
handle it to my son ... Big fun for both of us, since testing will be
done at the same time from me and my son. Sometimes hard to see, how
fast my son can assemble those parts ....

This one works out very often :-)

3) OK, expensive, but always works. Get one for myself and one for my
son :-))

Best Jens

2005\11\07@193659 by William Chops Westfield

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On Nov 7, 2005, at 3:52 PM, Jens M. Guessregen / Mailinglists wrote:
> 1) Get one only for you and keep it.
> But mostly will not work. Typical result is, my son see it and get it
> and I stay without anything :-(
It might work better that way.  My daughter's Lego Robotics set is
still sealed in it's box since last christmas, despite a fair amount
of interest in prior lego kits (of the non-computerized sort.)  Part
of that's my fault for not "driving" use of it, but...

I don't see a particular reason to restrict yourself to one building
system.  We've got zoobs, kinex, lego, and a few others.  Kinex's
attempt at robotics was pretty lame, but I like the way structures go
together.  Zoobs were cool, but somewhat limitted, and I think they've
gone away.  There seems to be a lot of third-party support for
things, at least in the US, including MIT robotics classes :-)  IMO, it
seems to take a LOT of third-party support for something like this to
work as an educational experience.  The toy vendors don't seem to be
all that good at designing follow-on education...

I'd say for a first try in that sort of direction that either one would
work fine.  If it catches on, you can expand it.  If it doesn't, you can
try something else (or ... not.)


2005\11\11@100849 by Joe McCauley

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Have a look at <> this provides a GUI for NQC
& might be useful for big & small kids alike. Syngress
<> sell books with some good
<> is a free lego cad package my kid used
to use. I can't remember how well id deals with Mindstorms stuff. This is a
'fit the bricks together' only package, no programming. Lots of homebrew
sensor sites out there. Just google 'Mindstorms homebrew'. Many of them use
tricks such as Olin describes below.


> {Original Message removed}

2005\11\11@114327 by Stef Mientki

and if you look at NQC,
don't forget to look for Swan firmware,
which runs NQC 100 timer or more faster !!

Stef Mientki

Joe McCauley wrote:

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>>{Original Message removed}

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