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'[OT] Least restrictive open hardware license?'
2011\08\20@220713 by cdb

On Sat, 20 Aug 2011 09:59:55 -0400, M. Adam Davis wrote:
:: If you want a hardware specific license, then your best bet is to
:: modify the existing gpl-like hardware licenses to remove the
:: derivative (and attribution, if you don't want your users to have
:: to
:: distribute the license and/or your name along with their products)
:: portion from the license.

This may sound flippant, but it isn't meant to be.
Surely altering someone elses licence would be breaching their or an organisations implicit copyright?

I always have this problem, I understand what copyright and patenting is for and yet in practise I find it confusing.

cdb, on 21/08/2011
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