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'[OT] Keyboard'
1999\10\21@011429 by Peter Schultz

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1999\10\21@095611 by Wagner Lipnharski

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Hi Peter, what is the matter? by the technology constantly upgrade,
don't you change your computer each 4 months too?  :)  Try some IBM or
Hewlett Packard units.  They will cost around $40 or more, but, they
will last for 3 or 4 years or more.


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1999\10\21@133723 by Peter Schultz

I guess I am old and stupid enough, but just miss that old clicking sound,
when You can be sure it was pushed correctly.
I just do not like the feel of the new ones, even the expensive ones.
Thanks anyway,
Maybe I will check the garage sales

1999\10\22@111249 by Richard A. Smith

>Someone can give me a hint where can I find some old, easy to push, not sticky,
>nice clicking sound keyboard ?

Ah.. You are looking for a series of keyboards made by Fujitsu.  They
made the for older Dell and Digital pc's and also sold them under
thier own name.  Awesome keyboards... I am typing on one right now
that I found on an old peice of industrial equipment.

My only suggestion is to go find your nearest electronic flea market
and ask around.

Richard A. Smith                         Bitworks, Inc.               501.521.3908
Sr. Design Engineer

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