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'[OT] Jamicon BIOS?'
2004\11\28@065738 by Johan Baarman

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Hi all.

I know this is way out of topic but, is there anyone on the list that
happens to have a Jamicon KM646 motherboard? If so, could you send me
the BIOS file. I was trying to update an old Pentium2 machine and as the
BIOS didn't find the larger harddisc I installed, I tried to update it.
And the thing that shouldn't happen just did and now I a have a
corrupted BIOS which wont even let me reflash it. If I just could get a
hold of the original BIOS, I could reprogram it in an EEPROM programmer.
The thing is that Jamicon no longer manufactures motherboards so there
are no updates on their site. I tried googling without success so now
I'm asking if there is anyone on the list that want to help me with
this. The BIOS is Award i440BX-W977TF-2A69KK1AC-00 dated:09/11/98

Any help appreciated.

2004\11\28@082541 by SavanaPics

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Sorry I don't have the one you  are looking for but I did want to warn you of
an experience in which  hope you can avoid

BY ALL MEANS  avoid  FLASHUPGRADES..  I ordered an upgrade for my AMI bios
from them for the same reason that you are looking for one. I ordered from them
and they sent me an Award bios upgrade for my motherboard ( their suggestion).
I did the flash and it seamed ok.  Then I found things that did not work.  My
modem no longer had sufficient  resources for it to work.  My sound card,
ethernet and one other device had to have the drivers reinstalled, only to find
that the sound card worked intermittently.

Ahh the cure... put the old Bios back in. Afterall the program they sent
backed it up... WRONG again.  I tried to put the old bios back in and the
infamous. "cannot load bios, bios file corrupted (or something to that effect) popped

Next step? Email Flash Bios....Good luck.  they liked my money but as of yet
I have not heard from them for a resolution, and to be honest with you,  I
think a refund would be out of the question.

I ended up ordering a new motherboard.  I still have not heard from them on
the bios.  A new motherboard is not much more than the 40.00 they wanted for
the bios upgrade, which did litttle more than ruin my setup. is thebetter way to

bottom line.  stay away from FLASHBIOS. no support  

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