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'[OT] JLR702A PS/2 pinout'
1999\08\17@135257 by Craig Lee

For all of you that purchased a microgps,
here is the correct pinout for the PS/2

PS/2 pinout (MALE!!!!)
 2 # 1
4     3  (facing you with # showing notch)
  6 5

1 n/c
2 n/c
3 +5V
4 ground
5 n/c
6 n/c

The published spec. is wrong!!


1999\08\17@165041 by Octavio Nogueira

My unit is working with GND on pin 3 and 5V on pin 5
and I don't see smoke around :-)

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De: Craig Lee <.....cleeKILLspamspam@spam@ATTCANADA.NET>
Enviada em: Tera-feira, Agosto 17, 1999 02:50
Assunto: [OT] JLR702A PS/2 pinout

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