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'[OT] International Rectifier web pages DOA, need d'
1999\10\30@204508 by Mark Willis

Hi, all;  I need to drive some kind of FET or HexFET off a PIC chip, but
the IR web page is DOA ( doesn't resolve, seems so slow it's silly - but does at least
load part-way, just never finishes loading.)  Until they fix this, I
cannot easily get the .pdf files <G>  I don't claim to be the world
expert on analog, but it makes it tough

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What I need's to switch a little motor (5V or 12V, < 150mA either way),
on/off with some hysteresis, whether in the PIC or the FET I'll find
out.  Probably want an N-channel FET, I can use RA4 and a pullup to +9V
here pretty easily <G>  Need to know the whole thresholding stuff, in
more detail than I can remember it today.  It's been a while <G>


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