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'[OT] I2S vs I2C'
1999\07\18@212433 by Thomas Brandon

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While looking at my Sound Blaster Live I noticed it has an I2S port. I have
also seen this on some sound related chips. After some preliminary
investigations I found out it is a format used to transfer digital audio
between DSPs and the like. Can anyone provide some info on I2S.

For example,
   Is the protocol similar to I2C?
   What speed is it?
   Can you use it with a PIC?
   Can you convert it to I2C in anyway?


1999\07\19@123458 by Peter Tiang

I2S as you suspect is digital audio or CD-ROM data that is
transmitted from the CD DSP to either the DAC or CD-ROM decoder.

The signals are typically MISC, SCLK, WCLK, DATA, GND corresponding
to pin 1~5.

MISC can either be a 16.9344MHz clock or C2 error correction flag.
SCLK is the bit clock, data is valid at every rising of SCLK.
WCLK is the Left/Right channel clock (Low for left, high for right)
DATA is 16-bit in a 24-bit frame per channel. The MSB comes on the
2nd rising SCLK.

Peter Tiang

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