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PICList Thread
'[OT] I'm back! [ADMIN]'
2000\05\10@160218 by jamesnewton

face picon face
Hopefully you will find that 90% of the noise is marked [OT] and can be
filtered out. If you see that as being otherwise, please point me at the
thread and I will stop it. If its off topic and not getting marked, the
people posting on the tread get warned and then kicked off the list. Also,
the noise that is flame material gets stamped out pretty damn quick marked
or not. So the frustration level that eventually led to your self imposed
exit isn't reached.

And.... we appear to have completely solved the HTML problem. <ETEG> I'm
just so happy about that I could... well anyway.

We changed the default settings so that new members now see their own posts
by default, which eliminates one source of noise.

Our new welcome message and has cut the "unsubscribble" requests
and other issues significantly despite the list passing 2000 members.

The archives have been protected against SPAMMers and are being updated more
frequently thanks to their admins.

And we may be on to a fool proof way to really put a dent in the noise
problem... Admins are huddling, will let you know soon.

And further along there are Nikolai Golovchenko and Jon Hylands extensions
to the constmuldiv code generator... That one is going to be sweet....

Andy Warren, Scott Dattalo, Dmitry Kiryashov, and a couple of other long
time respected contributors have returned. If anyone is still in contact
with Tjaart, or John Payson, or others please let them know that they are

As always, any advice on how to better admin the list would be appreciated.

I am still bothered by the number of questions that have been answered in
the past many times that are re-asked on a regular basis. The
site really attempts to record all these and allow people to find them via
keyword search or subject hierarchy. Our welcome message and several peoples
signature lines try to encourage people to look there first, but this seems
to have little effect. Also, contributions to the FAQ have been dismal and
infrequent by persons other than yours truly. Complain, complain. <GRIN>
Sorry. I had hoped that if I put enough in to it, people would start seeing
it as the "place to put answers" and take over adding to it directly.

All in all, I think the PICList rocks! I'm really looking forward to your
contributions. Know anything about FEC or byte code interpreters? <GRIN>
I've got this project...

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

{Original Message removed}

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