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PICList Thread
'[OT] Hiring Trends'
2007\10\11@183105 by Martin Klingensmith


Vitaliy wrote:

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Depends on experience. It doesn't sound like too little to me.

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I know plenty of engineering interns that got paid $20 an hour.

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Try to stand-out a little bit in job listings. Be exciting and you'll
get someone who wants to do something exciting. Try Craigslist (don't
laugh) that's where I found my current job - first job out of college.
It has the benefit of being free (I think?) and it's much easier on the
eyes than careerbuilder/monster which are USELESS imo. I was on both for
over a year, applied to 30 jobs and got very very few calls. Don't list
100 acronyms/abbreviations/standards/software packages because you're
going to scare people away people who are fully capable of doing the job
but unsure because you want experience in Fortran 4, Java, microwave RF
systems and FreeBSD.

Martin K

2007\10\13@215010 by Gerhard Fiedler

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Vitaliy wrote:

>>>> Companies also expect miracles, and want 10+ year people only.
>>>10+ of what?
>> experience in technology that has been around only 2 years.
> Oh, ok -- I've seen those too. :) I think it's a "lost in translation"
> problem, with people that have no clue that a particular technology did
> not exist two years ago, making the job postings.

I'd not call this a "translation" problem, not even with the quotes :)

The problem seems to be that many don't take the time to really boil it
down to what exactly they expect. If you need someone with very specific
experience (usually short term contracts, because you're late and need
someone to get very quickly up to speed in a very specific environment), it
needs to be specified exactly what is needed -- and that can't be done by
someone who doesn't even know how long a given technology has been around.
If you need someone for a longer term job, it's almost never the exact
details of specific technologies that determine the aptitude of a
candidate, so the people who write the ad should do some soul searching and
try to write what they /really/ expect from the candidate.


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