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PICList Thread
'[OT] Help! - Admin people pls.'
1999\11\23@003247 by Lea

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Hi!, Due to timming reasons I need to switch to Digest mode, I am now in
mail mode (messages are received by my server one by one), but this is a very
slow way to receive so many messages, I will go tomorrow to another state and
I don't want to make longer phone calls to receive all this email
(expensive), Digest mode will be the convenient solution but I don't know
how to set it
in the listserv.
I was trying things like: set dig piclist, o set dig, o dig piclist
but nothing works, if someone tellme how can I do this would be great!.
thanks in advance :)

  Leandro J. Laporta (LU2AOQ)
  wrk: Arg. Assoc. for Space Technology.
  ham: TCP/IP high speed group HSG

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1999\11\23@015421 by Mark Willis

I just did this for you.  The <.....PICLIST-RequestKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU> address
is good for this type of problem, BTW.  Doesn't bug the rest of the

'Set PICList Digest' is the proper command  [Thanks to re-reading the
LSoft owners' manual again to refresh my poor brain, now know that =) ]


Lea wrote:
{Quote hidden}

I do small package shipping for small businesses, world-wide.

1999\11\23@110239 by jamesnewton

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Mark has taken good care of you but I'd like to add that you can get a list
of all the commands from the FAQ listed below at
I've added a link that should send the appropriate command for you. Just
find the question "Can I get the list in "digest" format?" and click on
"change to digest mode."

To avoid these types of question being posted to all members of the list, I
would like to encourage regular PICList posters to add the "PICList FAQ:" link below your signature; that way list members
will always have a link to the FAQ for the list.

James Newton phone:1-619-652-0593 NOW OPEN (R/O) TO NON-MEMBERS!
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