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'[OT] Global Warming - 40% of humanity with grossly'
2005\09\03@083146 by Russell McMahon

Regardless of WHY the globe is warming, there seems increasingly less
doubt that it is. Even if, as may be the case,  a natural cycle is the
main driver manmade input is unlikely to be helping.



"...      scientists say the 40 per cent of humanity living in South
Asia and China could well be living with little drinking water within
50 years as global warming melts Himalayan glaciers, the region's main
water source.

The glaciers supply 8.6 million cubic metres every year to Asian
rivers, including the Yangtze and Yellow rivers in China, the Ganga in
India, the Indus in Pakistan, the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh and
Burma's Irrawaddy.
But as global warming increases, the glaciers have been rapidly
retreating, with average temperatures in the Himalayas up 1degC since
the 1970s.
A World Wide Fund report published in March said a quarter of the
world's glaciers could disappear by 2050 and half by 2100.,2106,3398087a12,00.html

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