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'[OT] Glad to be back.... Ooh and 12v deep cycle ba'
2008\06\05@230248 by


I've been kinda away for the past year battling my inner demons, conseqently
I find over the past year I have 26,000 pic-list messages to read...
Could take a while.

However having dug myself out of the doldrums somewhat, I have just got my
Sinclair C5 out of dusty storage put some new tyres on her and considered
(laughingly) to have a go at West Auckland traffic with it. I may even
convert it to 24v as I have done on occasion before which puts the speed up
to a more useful 30-50km/h as opposed to 15 - 25km/h.

So, I have just been looking online at the cost of replacing the 'cheap'
deep cycle battery which I had to leave behind in the UK for shipping
18 months ago I was paying about 35-40 ukp for a 80amp deep cycle lead acid
battery. I am shocked to find that here it would appear that the cost of
batteries is over twice what they were before. Is this peculiar to NZ ? ,is
this because of a worldwide shortage of lead ? Or lastly because I am
essentially still a foreigner and don't know my way about to well, that it
is just a case of not knowing a 'decent' cost effective supplier ?




Waitakere, Auckland, NZ

2008\06\06@032315 by Picbits Sales

Hi Gavin :-)

Yes - Lead Acid batteries over in the UK have gone through the roof price

Nice to see you back - how are the Cybikos going ?

{Original Message removed}

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