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'[OT] Genetic Algorithm Bugs (was: POR)'
2000\04\03@172930 by Gregg Lobdell 234-0884

Coming back around to a microcontroller related topic.  Not exactly
Genetic Algorithms but Emergent Behavior.  See:

This is research from 1989.  A small robot/oversized bug, that isn't
programmed to walk, but has a network of sensors and actuators and a
"goal" of forward movement.  The bug learns to walk.  It starts out
flailing it's legs around but quickly develops either a 3 and 3 gait
or a 2-2-2 ripple gait.

I actually saw the talk on this research at AAAI-90, Boston, and it's
the only time I've seen a conference presenter get a standing ovation
after the demonstration.

Other work by Rodney Brooks:

Gregg Lobdell                             Voice: 425-234-0884
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2000\04\03@232819 by Dan Michaels

Gregg Lobdell wrote:
>Coming back around to a microcontroller related topic.  Not exactly
>Genetic Algorithms but Emergent Behavior.  See:
>Other work by Rodney Brooks:

Brooks' stuff is really neat. Insect-like robots that deal with
bombs and land mines:

Also, to anyone interested, I have a bunch of links to "new AI"
topics, such as neural net theory and GAs, plus tiny, buglike
and flying robots at:

Of special note, Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs has Neural Network,
Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithm "Gateways to the World". I think
all of these (NN, GA, FL) can to some extent be embedded into a
PIC - for fun and profit.

[Disclaimer - if you dislike anything you find on the emerge4.htm
page, please post me directly - NOT the piclist. And if you "think"
you may dislike anything you find there, please don't go].

best regards,
- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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