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'[OT] GPLv3, G'
2007\11\10@065417 by Xiaofan Chen

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I think the following article is well written.

****************** Quote ****************************************
Nobody should be restricted by the software they use. There are four freedoms
that every user should have:
     the freedom to use the software for any purpose,
     the freedom to share the software with your friends and neighbors,
     the freedom to change the software to suit your needs, and
     the freedom to share the changes you make.
When a program offers users all of these freedoms, we call it free software.

And from the article, it seems that GPL v3 seems to be better or
at least no worse than GPL v2. At least it is now compatible with
Apache license.

Whether GPL (v2 or v3) fulfills the above four "free" spirits, that is subjected
to different person's opinions. Personally I think those permissive licenses
like Modified BSD fulfill the four "free" spirits better.

But then the goal is the following.

****************** Quote ***************************************
We call this copyleft: the software is copyrighted, but instead of using those
rights to restrict users like proprietary software does, we use them to ensure
that every user has freedom.

In this aspect, GPL v2/v3 are much more effective than the permissive
licenses. Therefore I think it gains more popularities and is more

So now I think GPL v3 will be popular soon and Linux will not be able
to hold on to v2 only for long.


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