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'[OT] Energy multiplier'
2006\05\08@085137 by Russell McMahon

On our local ebay equivalent.
5 kW in.
14 kW out
Pure magic!

In = 6.5 HP ~= 5kW

Out = 40 litres/minute x 3000 psi

40 litre = 0.04 m^3
3000 psi ~= 205 atmospheres ~= 21 MPa

Power = energy/second =

   0.04 x 21E6/60 = 14 kW

14/5 = 2.8 x energy or
1.8x free energy.

Who needs a magnetic black box with these for sale.

The big one from the same seller is just as good.



2006\05\08@143227 by Peter

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On Tue, 9 May 2006, Russell McMahon wrote:

> In = 6.5 HP ~= 5kW
> Out = 40 litres/minute x 3000 psi

40 l/min and 3000 psi but not both at the same time ;-0


2006\05\10@160528 by Dwayne Reid

From a couple of days ag; . . .

At 06:51 AM 5/8/2006, Russell McMahon wrote:
{Quote hidden}

The key phrase is "2 stage log splitter pump".  The similar pumps
I've seen locally have a low pressure stage that moves lots of fluid,
then changes to the high pressure / low volume stage automatically
when the line pressure increases.

Specifically intended for moving a hydraulic ram quickly to get it to
the position where the actual work is needed and ideally suited for
log splitting applications.


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2006\05\17@122752 by Aaron

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Dwayne Reid wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Yep, Dwayne is correct.  I have one of the larger models of these on my
splitter.  At some pressure setpoint it switchs to the other stage to
get more pressure at reduced flow.

BTW is everything in NZ that expensive?  I can buy a new pump, same
model as the auction was for, from multiple sources for US$120.  That is
only NZ$200!  Perhaps that's why it didn't sell...


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