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'[OT] Email Validation'
2000\05\26@091134 by Samuel Winchenbach

Hi All-
I know this is WAY off topic, but I really need some help here.

I am using Delphi and or C++ Builder (both version 5) and I need to
validate a list of 12,000+ email addresses.  Does anyone have a clue on
how to do this?  I accidently email bombed some poor lady with hundreds of
invalid emails (got returned)

Any help would be terribly appreciated, Thanks.

2000\05\26@094301 by M. Adam Davis

What you want to do is:
Search for invalid characters (spaces, pipes, etc)
Once that is complete you need to do pattern matching (I'm not familiar with
doing this in Delphi or C++ builder, but I imagine there is a pattern matching
function in there)

Such as: [*]@[*][".com",".net",".org",".cc",...]

This indicates that there has to be at very least,
Any number of valid characters(including periods, etc)
A asterisk
Any number of valid characters(including periods, etc)
Ending with a period and a valid top level domain.

If you are only doing this once, I would recommend reading the list into access
or another database.  They have the ability to filter this quickly and


P.S. Unless the people you are emailing have asked you to send this email,
please don't send it.  There are few reasons to send the same email to over a
few hundred people that aren't related to spam.  If you are unsure about whether
what you are sending is spam or not, please contact your ISP or web hosting
service about their acceptable use policy.

Samuel Winchenbach wrote:
{Quote hidden}

2000\05\26@141903 by rleggitt

picon face
> Search for invalid characters (spaces, pipes, etc)

Well... if they're culled from From: headers, then these are all perfectly

"Blow, Joseph P." <>
joe (blowmeister) @ (at) domain (that place) . (dot) com (mercial)
\ ","\ " |" <\112\117\105 @ []>

Of these, only the first can be handed to SMTP verbatim. There's an RFC
that covers this, I think 822 or 824?

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