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PICList Thread
1998\11\08@104344 by WIL REEDER


I am looking for info on the Epson LCD EG7501B-NS 9307A35. This is a
graphical display that appears to have a controller (house numbers) and a
14 pin input. I have a generous supply of these and would like to use them
for my PIC projects. Anyone have a project using this type of LCD ,working,
source, schematic???
Thanks for your help!

Wil Reeder
Vancouver, Canada

1998\11\09@095140 by WIL REEDER

More info
:resolution appears to be 240x120 driver chips 2 on side 4 on bottom and
i/f board on top
: 14 pin input 1=+; 2=- 3&4 go to transistors and 9-14 seem to be data &
: purchased locally at computer surplus ( 104th & Kgh Surrey) some are new
in box
: I have seen similar displays in photo copy machines and pos cash
: These units are backlit with a fluorescent tube maybe 4 watts

My skills in C are nonexistent, my basic skills peaked around 25 years ago
but any info in any form is welcome. Maybe I'll have to derust my
programming skills

{Quote hidden}

> > for my PIC projects. Anyone have a project using this type of LCD
> > source, schematic???
> > Thanks for your help!
> I have hacked a similar display and will trade info, C driver for
> port and extracted data for similar. Tell me what resolution it is.
> Epron/Seiko have a web site, you might locate the display metrics from it
> for a start.
> thanks,
> Peter

1998\11\09@115818 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
> 4 + 2 chips

Can you give me the chip numbers ?

The 14 pin pin-out is easy, it's pretty much standard for most graphics
displays, it's the timing details that are killing.

Power is usually +5V and -28V. If the FEL power is on board the power may
be generated locally.

If at least one of the chips is a RAM or a SED controller, you may have
paralell access buffered display. Anything else and you have to bit-bang
graphics into it at display refresh speed. Mine is of the second kind.

The C program I have hacked up is just a test program that lights up a
frame around my display when hooked up to the parallel port.

I'll make a package with my interface schematic and send it this week.


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