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'[OT] EM Field Sensing'
1999\04\18@192319 by Vincent Deno

I'm currently working on a school project.  We're suppost to design a
simple system (simple to use rather) to detect a burnt-out bulb in a
Christmas light strand.

First idea which came to mind was sensing the EM Field produced by the
strand when a bulb is missing.  Could anyone better suited in EM fields
offer any advice?  A hall-effect sensor may be useful in this app., but
again, I've never used one (just know how they work).

Best Regards,

Vincent Deno

1999\04\18@223253 by Craig R. Graf

Look up the December 1998 Nuts and Volts magazine (Vol 19 No 12)
On page18 there is a circuit that shows how to make such a tester.  Yes it
uses the large amount of electrostatic fields that are present on an AC
You can E-mail me for a scanned-in image of the circuit.

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