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'[OT] Driving in Rome, was CE specification docume'
2005\02\11@062312 by Alan B. Pearce

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>Maybe THAT explains the way they drive in Rome!!!
>Didn't have too many problems elsewhere, but I don't really many
>traffic lights either. We didn't drive in central Rome but the traffic
>was, as everyone says, diabolical.
>At pedestrian crossings they are unaware of the meaning of red or
>green lights (if they have any meaning). The guide book says to walk
>steadily across and they will avoid you. And it works!!!
>A major proof of concept was tried on an extremely busy street at the
>end of the Roman forum away from the Colosseum after any amount of
>waiting hopefully at the kerbside had not produced any ebbing in the
>flow. Take wife firmly by hand. Wait until light for traffic is red
>(not green!*) and walk resolutely out. Hold wife's hand VERY firmly as
>she is now screaming and trying to pull away. Pull her gently but
>surely along behind you. Cars melt around you on either side as you
>walk steadily across, speed not, apparently, slacking. If you think
>I'm making this up then you haven't been to Rome :-).

Yeah, red only means there is an "unsafe state", not "don't proceed" :))

One person I used to know reckoned the way to drive in Italy was to politely
wave on the person you had inadvertently blocked, and is now sounding their
horn at you. Said person cannot have someone more polite than themselves,
and waves you on instead :))

I don't know if there are any Italians on this list, but I am sure they can
give as many stories about driving in the UK or elsewhere.

2005\02\11@074759 by brusque

Not, this is a relevant link! 8-P

    Best regards,


Edson Brusque                     C.I.Tronics Lighting Designers Ltda
Research and Development                  Joinville  -  SC  -  Brazil   

2005\02\11@084933 by Alan B. Pearce

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>Not, this is a relevant link! 8-P
>     Best regards,

Oh, very good, I like it.

2005\02\11@091945 by ThePicMan

At 11.23 2005.02.11 +0000, you wrote:
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I'm Italian (nobody is perfect :) ).

Last Semptember me and my wife, freshly married, spent our honey
moon in Scotland. Since then my life as a driver has changed. I
now understand why so many foreigners have so much to complain
against Italian traffic and, let me say it (although I wish I
didn't have to), how much ineducated we Italians are in our cars
(and often also out of them..). Among the many things, what
irritates me a lot of the way Italians drive (unlike Scots) is
the safe distance. This is a concept highly unknown here, and one
I am extremely sensitive to, having got serious physical damage
because of an idiot that has hit me from behind (and it happened
two other times with two other idiots.. and I did nothing to
make it easier to happen).

I loved Scottish people.. educated, sensitive, kind. Now, if you
Scots were just capable as much as us to cook, make love, make the
sun shine and play soccer, I would call Scotland "home". *grin* ;D

2005\02\11@104435 by ThePicMan

At 13.49 2005.02.11 +0000, you wrote:
>>Not, this is a relevant link! 8-P
>>     Best regards,
>Oh, very good, I like it.

Also realistic, I'd add. :P

2005\02\11@133302 by Sergio Masci

> I don't know if there are any Italians on this list

At least one that I know of :-)

Sergio Masci

2005\02\13@205013 by onio (Nino) Benci

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I'm an Aussie born first generation Italian. Having been back to the old
country twice in the last 3 years I can safely say that all that you've
heard is true.


Sergio Masci wrote:

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fn:Antonio Benci
org:Monash University;School of Physics & Materials Engineering
adr:Clayton Campus;;Building 27;Clayton;VIC;3168;Australia
title:Professional Officer / Electronic Services Manager
tel;work:+613 9905 3649
tel;fax:+613 9905 3637

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