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'[OT] Delay code on INTEL type processors'
2002\09\19@122326 by Dal Wheeler

Probably more meaningful to use one of the internal timers available on
these larger processors --any reason you don't use these?

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2002\09\19@130143 by Levente Molnar

Please accept my apologies for sending my enquiry with the wrong topic.
I am using a real time operating system. The RTOS's ASM and C files are
compiled together into a project file with the applicaton/user specific
One of my reasons to obtain the delay at code level, is that this RTOS has a
specific time delay functions, with the delay specifiable at seconds,
milliseconds level.
With this function I would obtain that delay and in the same time I would
not tie down the processor with the loop counting, this function allowing
during this time delay to transfer the CPU's control immediatelly to the
next highest priority task that is ready to run.
(The time delay is necessary for accessing a PIC based co-processor board)

Thank you for the hints for using the timer !


{Original Message removed}

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