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'[OT] DX1000 LCD display'
1998\10\08@234626 by netquake

Anybody there knows where to get detailed information for DX1000
LCD display? Is it HD44780 compatible?
It's gonna be output for a 16F84 and I need this info before I start

As always, all my gratitude the the best list I've ever been in!

P.D.: I feel I have to acknowledge Dave VanHorn, Peter Gee, Mark Willis and
Valter Gruntar for their help on my 4 digit auto-ranging frequency-meter
message (which I discovered was previously discussed on the list. See the
Piclist Archives for more information). They not only offer invaluable
help, they also do it fasssst!
On my Porting code message I wouldn't have even started if it weren't for
Antonio L Benci and Regulus Berdin.


"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little death that brings total
obliteration. I will face my fear... I will
permit it to pass over me and through me."

Kwisatz Haderach - Dune


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