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PICList Thread
'[OT] Competiton'
1999\11\17@091850 by Wagner Lipnharski

picon face
German wrote:
> How come every time I enter the word AVR in altavista search I
> got a Microchip banner dancing around?
> And when I entered pic I got an atmel logo!

I didn't see the Atmel logo when searching for PIC, but the Microchip is
there when searching AVR.  Do you know what means when Coca-Cola
advertises? the answer is "FSD", or "Fear of Sudden Death!!!!".
Probably a 8% reduction in Coca-Cola profit can hit them very bad.  What
can happens if Atmel reduces 8% from Microchip sales? The answer is; "It
will not be just 8%".

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