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'[OT] Coming to a PC near you soon.'
2006\04\17@045407 by Russell McMahon


courtesy of Microsoft Corporation,
delivered by auto update
as security update MS06-015
to a PC near you
about now,

may well be the cause of the most recent very bad problems your PC has
been having if its being having really bad problems recently.
[ :-) ].

It destroyed the ability to function in any sane manner of a Windows
2000 Professional PC on my LAN a few days ago and did the same on a
Windows XP Home machine 2 days later.  The file installs a process of
the same name which cannot be stopped by trivial means. It's intended
to stop certain programs being run by people who ought not to be
running them but in the process seems to variably knobble other
programs in some systems. Symptoms are you may be unable on a variable
basis to run OE, IE, start button via keyboard (but by mouse click
OK)(Olin filter), start button by any means, various other tasks

A quick temporary fix is to rename verclsid.exe to something else.
MS will no doubt reinstall it again for you shortly.

found in         \your_windows_path\system32\verclsid.exe

What it's meant to do

What MS suggest you try if it addles your PC's brain

       Russell McMahon

2006\04\17@053934 by Bob Axtell

face picon face
Mine got here a few days ago.
No problems so far, just the usual poor
"windows" operation overall.


Russell McMahon wrote:
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2006\04\17@091502 by Howard Winter

picon face

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 20:54:01 +1200, Russell McMahon wrote:

{Quote hidden}

According to that, it's an interaction with HP Photo/printer/scanner/CD drive software.  I thought you
(vehemently!) didn't use HP printers?

Did you find the file they mention:  hpgs2wnd.exe  ?


Howard Winter
St.Albans, England

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