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'[OT] Comcast, and my blood pressure.. ..psi'
2006\08\31@211850 by Gus S Calabrese

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On 2006-Aug 31, at 10:07hrs AM, David VanHorn wrote:

> This is a good place to vent and find some sympathy.
> ^ Not from me.  This is another case of someone ( the tech )
> overstepping suitable
> boundaries and getting away with it.  If you never confront anyone,
> you lose your freedom
> one bite at a time.  Evidence seems to suggest you do not care.
> Venting is apparently
> safer and better.  AGSC ^

Oh make no mistake, I will be confronting them ASAP.
It dosen't sound like the original technician will be back here any time
He left before i was aware that he was done yesterday, I'm guessing  
he would
rather pick on my wife than confront me.

^ I am happy to hear that you will be giving them customer feedback.  
I look forward to the
tech maybe fbeing told to find a new job..... such as a bill  
collector, ha ha.  Actually a collection agency called
my daughter and threatened her.  They are strangely silent  now when  
she told them that I was her
"official representative" .....   AGSC   ^

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