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'[OT] CityPass in San Francisco'
2007\10\29@160301 by alan smith

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Planning a little trip for a week in the bay area....I've seen this thing called CityPass (offered in several cities) that gives you 7 days on the trolly, buses and free enterance to several areas of interest.
 So...those who are there...have been there....anyone heard of this, and is it worth the price of $54?

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2007\10\29@162243 by PAUL James

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I haven't been there in over 33 years (I was in the Navy), but $54.00
sounds like a bargain to me.
If for nothing more than the public transportation access.  Throw in
admission to some tourist traps,
and it seems to be even more of a bargain.    If I were going there, I'd
take the chance and go for it.
Unless you're really strapped for bucks, it's a risk that even if you
lost, you're not out much.
Of course, if you're really strapped for bucks, San Francisco isn't the
place to go.  Everything was sort
Of pricey when I was there.   I doubt that much has gotten cheaper in 33
years.  Probably more expensive
If anything.  

Bottom line, I vote go for it.  It seems to sound pretty good.



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