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PICList Thread
'[OT] Check this out..'
2000\01\30@073838 by Alan King

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A friend sent me this link, and it's not actually a robot, but wow it
is cool and most of you will find it very interesting..  Watch the whole
thing, I didn't think it was that great and about closed it, till it hit
2/3 through it..  First thought was it needs a PIC in there, for a
remote controlled driver!  I'm not even into this sort of thing, but the
level of engineering and detail is very impressive.  (If I was going to
go this nuts though, I think I would have made it full size!)

Is a realvideo file, so will take a while if you don't have RV to get
that and the file, but is worth seeing once.  The file is about 1 meg,
don't remember RV player's size though..
link to open:

Link to download..


2000\01\30@081646 by Jinx

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Neat - I remember seeing that on UK's Top Gear last year. The rm
doesn't do the detail justice. Around about the same time Jeremy
Clarkson (come back JC, TG isn't the same w/o you) also found
another Frenchman, who did the same with (non-flying) jetplanes.

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