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'[OT] Cheap GPS revisited'
1999\08\13@184651 by Henry Carl Ott

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 I Just stumbled onto this site.
 I know there was a lot of interest in the cheap gps boards that were
briefly available from BG-micro, and I thought that this might be of
interest to anybody who missed out.
 I have not ordered any, and I don't know stock status or have any other
information on using these modules.
 These do not seem to be the same units, but they are cheap and it might
be worth it to some people, if only  for the antennas.

 Happy hunting....


Henry Carl Ott   N2RVQ
You're entitled to your own opinions.
 You are not entitled to your own facts.


1999\08\13@194445 by Craig Lee

This is a JRC CCA-285 gps module.

I have 60 of the new CCA-291 units with full sheilding.

$20 US for all 3 pieces is definetly a deal!  I wonder if
they are rollover fixed though?


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1999\08\13@200734 by Bill Kichman

Do  you feel these modules can be made to work?  The docs sure seem to
indicate so.

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From: Craig Lee <.....cleeKILLspamspam@spam@ATTCANADA.NET>
Date: Friday, August 13, 1999 7:45 PM
Subject: Re: [OT] Cheap GPS revisited

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1999\08\16@125335 by Chris Eddy


Sorry to bother you with minutia, but who is JRC?  And what is the regular
price for their units (with and without antenna??)

Chris Eddy
Pioneer Microsystems, Inc.

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1999\08\16@125958 by Adam Davis

I conacted Mavin about the week number roll over, who replied

Hi Adam,

The feedback, we have gotten from users, is that it shouldn't be a problem, you
just need to recycle the power to reset, and restart the counter.  By recycle, I
mean remove all power completely...

Hope it helped..


Adam Davis wrote:

> I need to know what these boards will do after the week number roll over occur
> (August 21/22).  I have searched for the company (Aisin Seiki) and the part
> number on the board, and am not able to find any info as to whether this board
> will be completly or partially operational after this event.
> I appreciate your time!
> -Adam

Henry Carl Ott wrote:
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1999\08\16@131039 by Norman Gillaspie

Do these units have a 1pps output or a place one
the board where it could be picked up?


PCS Engineering
Norman Gillaspie
325M Sharon Park Dr. #210
Menlo park, Ca. 94025
Tel 650-854-5263
Fax 650-854-5445


1999\08\16@161139 by Craig Lee

JRC is Japan Radio Corporation.

New JRC builds electronic components and JRC builds HAM radios,
radars, sonars, etc.

The JLR702A, the micro gps, normally sells for about $150 US, but
the antenna is integrated, and cables are extra.  I am selling them
for $100 CAN with the cables.

For the CCA-291 units, I don't know the regular price for them.  I'd
say they probably go for $50 US in large quantities.  I've got 60 of
the receivers for sale for $50 CAN each, but no antennas.

The Mavin ones are about $30 CAN and they come with antennas. They are
the older CCA-285 model though.


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1999\08\16@191411 by Douglas Gourlay

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Can you tell me about the JLR702A?  do you currently have any for sale?  I
am in Burlingtion, Ontario.
Is the product NEMA compatible?

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> > {Original Message removed}

1999\08\17@103839 by Craig Lee

Yes, yes, and yes.  Any more detail, please email me privately:


> Can you tell me about the JLR702A?  do you currently have any for sale?  I
> am in Burlingtion, Ontario.
> Is the product NEMA compatible?
> Thanks
> Doug

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