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'[OT] Arms and The Man (was Re: Detecting EMF?)'
2007\09\03@062344 by Howard Winter

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On Sun, 02 Sep 2007 23:07:23 -0400, Carey Fisher wrote:

> The Right to Bear Arms (or Right to Arm Bears)

I love that car-sticker!  :-)

> is just a part of a
> multi-faceted defense the US has against the rise of a repressive
> dictatorship.

I think these days the media machine can disguise the fact that a repressive regime is happening - if the populus don't realise it, they can't fight
against it.

>  The overall defense is not working real well right now
> (the Patriot Act, etc) but if things were to ever get really repressive,
> at least we have a fighting chance to avoid tyrannical repression.

You really think this is true?  I think some former inhabitants of the Waco "Compound" might disagree - if they could!  Then there's Guantanamo Bay,
and "Extraordinary Rendition"...


Howard Winter
St.Albans, England

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