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'[OT] Anyone want a GMail account?'
2004\06\24@145501 by Alex Harford

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I have 2 invites left this round.... :)

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2004\06\24@160543 by Alan J. Bermudez

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I'll take one!

I'm sending you a separate e-mail to your gmail acct.


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From: "Alex Harford" <.....harfordKILLspamspam@spam@GMAIL.COM>
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 1:55 PM
Subject: [OT] Anyone want a GMail account?

> I have 2 invites left this round.... :)
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2004\06\24@162035 by Alex Harford

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Well, that was quick. :)

I'll post next time I get another round of invites, or maybe the other
users that I invited could share with the piclist.

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2004\06\24@163706 by Shawn Wilton

What is GMail?

Shawn Wilton
Junior in CpE

Phone: (503) 881-2707

Alex Harford wrote:
> Well, that was quick. :)
> I'll post next time I get another round of invites, or maybe the other
> users that I invited could share with the piclist.
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2004\06\24@164232 by Randy Glenn

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Google's email service. IMHO, incredible interface, and 1 GB of email
storage. The ads aren't as intrusive as Yahoo or Hotmail.

The whole conversation view thing works fairly well for PICLIST posts I find.

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 13:36:52 -0700, Shawn Wilton <> wrote:
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-Randy Glenn
Computer Eng. and Mgt. Year IV, McMaster University
Chair, McMaster IEEE Student Branch - -

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2004\06\24@164704 by Alex Harford

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For example here are the ads that show up in the sidebar related to
this conversation:

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On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:42:30 -0400, Randy Glenn <> wrote:
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2004\06\24@165555 by Ben Hencke

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Wow, I just looked and I have 7 invites left. LMK off-list and I will
send you one. Free Gmail for everyone!

- Ben

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 16:42:30 -0400, Randy Glenn <> wrote:
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2004\06\24@184259 by Robert Ussery



- Robert

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2004\06\24@184259 by Bhargava

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Yahoo and hotmail users, please look for gmail invations in your bulk
mail folders. Yahoo and hotmail seem to mark gmail invitations as
spam. :-)


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2004\06\24@215935 by p.cousens

    This is for your copy-and-paste convenience:
Dear Gmail user:  Due to privacy considerations, we cannot respond
unless you resend your email from a different account. For more
information, please visit


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2004\06\24@235121 by Ben Hencke

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While this is getting OT for this thread, I feel compelled to ask why
you send that tagline? Do you not want to talk to people on gmail
because it saves the email?

I have always kept every email I have ever read or sent since '94. I
know that SMTP and POP are clear text unencrypted protocols, and all
mail servers store mail in an unencrypted file. I know that every
(well only the good ones) do regular incremental backups and have this
data archived including my old emails. Even my government installs
automatic email scanners at every ISP looking for
terrorists/dissidents and I should be more afraid that Gmail shows ads
for PIC?

The ability to search for the relevant data using a good search engine
is very nice. What do I give up in return? A computer scans keywords
and displays ads relevant to my interests.
Can someone (human) legally read my gmail? No.
Do I prefer ads relevant to my emails instead of the spyware
installing ads at other services? Yes.

- Ben

ps. no more invites left here.

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 02:59:06 +0100, p.cousens <> wrote:
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2004\06\25@052938 by p.cousens

You want me to list every single reason?
Follow the link and then follow the links they list etc
Just about everyone who has THOUGHT ABOUT IT thinks this is an extremely

dangerous direction to go in

Are you OK with a private company opening and photocopying every letter
you get?
Recording every phone conversation?
Following you around all day making notes of where you go and who you
Then storing these records forever?
Analyzing these records forever.
To be sold to the highest bidders

And YES I will not respond to emails direct from a gmail account
Or use google anymore

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2004\06\25@081026 by Josh Koffman

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Not to turn this into a rant, or crazy "which C compiler is better"
discussion, but I feel compelled to comment.

Admittedly, that website does bring up some good points. I had see it
before you mentioned it. I believe it's a fallacy to think that other
webmail providers aren't doing the exact same thing, just not telling
you about it. Note that the EULA for many of them don't promise
anything, and most of them preclude you from legal action, even if
they were found to have sold your SSN to the mob.

Does Google open my letters or record my phone calls? No, they don't.
So if I don't feel comfortable with confidential data on my Gmail
account, I use another account. Perhaps that's a luxury others don't
have. At the moment I'd feel more comfortable letting Google have
information about what I do than say, Microsoft (who owns Hotmail, and
has "accidentally" lost or released confidential information a few
times now). If Google's policies change in the future, my attitude
might as well.

I agree with Ben. If you think email is secure and isn't being read by
a machine somewhere (ie a governmental organization, business, ISP,
etc), I would say you are a very trusting person. You may also want to
unsubscribe from the list, as not only are there a few of us on Gmail,
the list itself is archived.

We live in strange times. Things which we once took for granted are
being given up at a rapid rate. I admit, I don't agree with a lot of
what's happening in the world. I don't like "Big Brother" watching
everything I do. However, I use this account for the list only. If
someone really wants to read my email, they'll see exactly what is in
the archives. Well, that, and Russel's pictures.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something
completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete
       -Douglas Adams

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:30:20 +0100, p.cousens <> wrote:
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2004\06\25@122251 by Ben Hencke

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Warning: This is far far more OT than the OP. Sorry in advance to
everyone still looking for a gmail address (I have no more invites)

I have thought about it (my privacy), and I do not see a problem if no
humans read the emails. After all, I type everything into a computer,
and that computer "sees" what I type. Not to mention the several
thousand computers that will see it when I send the email.

To address the site:

>Problem 1: Gmail is nearly immortal

I would offer: "Close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades". I
can delete emails if I want to (I deleted gmails opening welcome
email, thats it so far)

>Google admits that even deleted messages will remain on their system,
and may also be accessible internally at Google, for an indefinite
period of time.

And when you delete a file on your computer (even emails) if often
remains on your hard drive in unallocated space for an indefinite
period of time. Know how long your ISP holds on to backups? Do they
even mention it?

>Problem 2: Google's policies do not apply...
>They've said that their advertisers won't get personally identifiable
information from email, but that doesn't mean ...

This seems to be self-contradictory.

>Problem 3: A massive potential for abuse
>. Google could grow a database that spits out the email addresses
> of those who used those keywords. How about words such as
>"box cutters" in the same email as "airline schedules"?

I think there is serious underestimation about how much information
the government already gleans from internet traffic using their own
systems. They get a lot more than just emails addresses and keywords.
If I wanted to have privacy, I would spend time getting things like
the PATRIOT act (and all copycats) revised/thrown out.

>Problem 4: Inappropriate ad matching

Do you expect google to protect people that fall for scams? Isnt there
some sort of law enforcement agency that is more equiped to deal with

Sorry to anyone that read this far ;-)

- Ben

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:30:20 +0100, p.cousens <> wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

2004\06\25@125109 by Paul James E.

picon face
So what's your point? :)

{Quote hidden}

>> {Original Message removed}

2004\06\25@125110 by David Koski

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:30:20 +0100
"p.cousens" <spamBeGonep.cousensEraseMEspamBISCIT.BIZ> wrote:

> Are you OK with a private company opening and photocopying every letter
> you get?

I live with the assumption that it is already the case, gmail or no gmail, be it
a company or the government. Do you actually trust email sent to other
addresses is secure without strong encryption?


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2004\06\25@164020 by rrc124+

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With all the talk of Gmail invites, I thought I'd send this out as something to think about:

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2004\06\25@172634 by Bhargava

picon face
I have suggested gmail to add gpg engine to gmail :-) They have
forwarded the request to the proper department.

That way your pages will be secure and no one will benefit from
photocopying your pages. LOL


Version: GnuPG v1.2.4 (MingW32)


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2004\06\28@131124 by John Ferrell

face picon face
With all the spoofing going on I don't think copies of emails means much.
Because someone has a copy does not mean I sent it.
It also does not mean I received it.
Also, it doesn't mean I had anything at all to do with it!

I Googled for a  special piece of software for a radio receiver the other
day and when I clicked on what I thought an appropriate selection I was
deluged with a cascade of porn sites. I must have had a stack of 15 or so
when I remembered the "close all" on the process list. So much for a clean
history file and a respectable list of cookies.

Maybe the best defense is to overwhelm the world with useless data.

John Ferrell

{Original Message removed}

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