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'[OT] Anyone from San Diego, CA?'
2012\05\23@012238 by Tamas Rudnai

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Hi List,

Is anyone from San Diego by any chance? I am just settling down here, and
was wondering if there are any good tool and component shops over here or

Also any kind of information would be much appreciated which is not
necessarily related to electronics (things to see, places to avoid, good
restaurants etc)

Many thanks,
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2012\05\25@131942 by Chris Pearson

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Hi Tamas,

I’m actually relatively new to the San Diego area myself so I was going to
see if we had any native San Diegans who wanted to comment before me but I
see not. So I’ll take a crack at it. I moved to North County from MN about
two and a half years ago. The company I work for is based out of Vista. I
briefly lived just north of San Diego County when I moved here; I've been
in Oceanside now for almost 2 years, and am currently looking for places in
the San Marcos area. My sister recently moved from LA to the South Park
neighborhood of SD. I’m about 45 minutes – 1 hour north of her and she’s
pretty darn close to the heart of SD.

The best electronics component shop I’ve found by far is Fry’s Electronics.
I’m a regular at the one in San Marcos; there is one in SD proper as well..
For tools beyond Fry’s scope there is Harbor Freight, Sears, a few
independent shops and Matco/Snap-On/Mac, etc tool trucks all over.

Here’s the “standard” list of places to see (in no particular order):

·         Old Town
·         Sea World
·         Gaslamp Quarter
·         Coronado Island
·         San Diego Zoo
·         USS Midway
·         La Jolla
·         Beaches – Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach
·         Legoland (preferably if you’ve got kids)
·         Torrey Pines if you’re into golf

Surfing is obviously a very popular thing to do; there are more beaches
than I could list. If you like Mexican food you will probably be in heaven.
Fish tacos are amazing! If you’re looking for a good intro to the fish taco
I would recommend Rubio’s, several locations. Often you find the best food
at little stands during street fairs (oh there’s a lot of those too). Disc
golfing is also popular, courses abound.

The Chargers are the dominant sports team, the Padres are popular as well.
Since there is no local professional basketball team the Lakers are mostly
the adopted team although college basketball if important here too. If
you’re a hockey fan like me, well good luck to you!

The Spanish language influence is big. Having a good understanding of it
can only improve the quality of your stay. It is absolutely not necessary
however; this isn’t Montreal or anything like that. Everyone speaks English
but you will find yourself picking up some Español without even trying.
Most people will strongly encourage you to NOT go to Tijuana these days.

There was also the recent South Park television show episode which
culminated in one of the characters making a brief trip to SD. Please don’t
think the activities detailed therein are indicative of normal San Diegans.
The show did a great job of nailing all the main SD attractions though.

Enjoy the weather! :)

- cp

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 10:22 PM, Tamas Rudnai <>wrote:

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2012\05\27@225456 by Tamas Rudnai

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Hi Chris,

Thanks you very much for the detailed info -- in the meanwhile I got some
advise off-list, but you have added more to that. I have heard of USS
Midway already and seen it from outside when was driving around downtown.
Is it worth to go onboard and have a look around?

That South Park episode is very funny :-)


On 25 May 2012 10:19, Chris Pearson <>wrote:

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> > --

2012\05\27@231945 by John Gardner

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Hi Tamas -

Aircraft carriers are amazing constructs.

If you're interested in History,  Midway is worth a visit.

I may be prejudiced - My Uncle was a plank-owner.


2012\05\27@233831 by Tamas Rudnai

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Hi Jack,

Nice! Your Uncle was a plank-owner on the USS Midway or on another ship?

Actually I am into planes (mostly as my grandfather was a lead engineer at
Focke-Wulf before the WWII) -- so now that you are saying, it should be
interesting to see an aircraft carrier. Maybe those cable systems could be
seen that catches the planes when landing?


On 27 May 2012 20:19, John Gardner <> wrote:

> Hi Tamas -
> Aircraft carriers are amazing constructs.
> If you're interested in History,  Midway is worth a visit.
> I may be prejudiced - My Uncle was a plank-owner.
>  Jack

2012\05\28@122118 by Dave

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Dad served on the Midway during Vietnam.  Say hi for me.

Tamas Rudnai <> wrote:

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2012\05\28@220255 by James Newton

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Had previously replied to Tamas offlist, but Chris's list of San Diego
attractions reminded me of a couple more that "us geeks" might be interested

I also wanted to say that the Midway is amazing. Say hi to the S3 and SH-60
on deck for me. VS-41 and HSL-49 (Det 2 "WeeBee's")

In addition to the attractions Chris listed, you might also want to visit
the Wild Animal Park (Open air subset of the San Diego Zoo) in Escondido,
and the science, aerospace and automotive museums in Balboa Park.

If you visit Balboa park, there is a "secret" parking lot down the hill on
the north side of the drive that goes to the automotive museum from Park
Blvd. It's just east of the obvious parking lot on that side, down a twisty
little road. And you have quite a climb UP out of that lot to the park
proper, but when all other spaces are taken, few people know about or use
that lot and it's much closer than the regular overflow lots. And it's right
next to the mounted police stable, so it should be pretty darn safe.

For train nuts, there is a very nice railroad park (steam, trolleys, etc...)
about 2 hours north outside Murrieta ( and a rather sad one a few
hours east in Campo ( My favorite is much more local: The little
live steam train in Old Poway Midland Park ( The small
museum in Escondido probably isn't worth seeing. I hear the same about the
one in National City, although I haven't been. Balboa park also has an
indoor model train layout and club. And there is a live steam model club in
Chula Vista. For "real" train service, the S.D. Trolley system is pretty
darn nice, as are the Sprinter and Coaster.

If you enjoy old machines / history / farming, the Antique Gas and Steam
Engine museum in Vista ( is worth seeing, especially during the
duel Harvest Festivals. Steam tractors, calliopes, farm equipment, jacquard
looms, rope weavers, etc...

If you like boats, the Maritime Museum with the Star of India is well worth
a visit. They have a number of interesting craft, including one of the tall
ships from "Master and Commander", a steam launch, a huge ferry that ran on
cooking oil, and a Russian submarine. I dream of going out on the Star...

I very much recommend going sailing. Or better yet, take a short sailing
class. I don't think there is a better place to do that than San Diego. I
had a blast and a half at SeaForth rentals many years back. Learned to sail
a small boat, and rented from them a couple times since then. Great fun, not
terribly expensive, good way to meet women. And to find out if you get sea
sick easily...

If you can afford it, flying is also good in SoCal. Spirit of St. Louis was
built here you know? And PSA 182 happened here... :ahem: moving on... Lot's
of places offer small plane flights and lessons. There is a (very) rustic
glider port way north east which I don't generally recommend. My favorite
place to eat is the Mexican restaurant at Montgomery field. You can see
blimps, helicopters, private jets, and lots of other aircraft take off and
land during your meal. The food is just ok, but the view... :sigh: someday
I'll have the $$$ to take lessons there.

Big airshow once a year at Miramar. Not worth the heatstroke unless you are
really into military aircraft. The parking / walking is... insane.

One of these years I have got to go for a balloon ride in Temecula.

K1 Speed is the local go-kart place. Indoor, all electric. Hell of a rush.
Real racing in Lakeside at Barona Speedway.

The Upstart Crow in Seaport Village is the best coffee shop / bookstore.
It's expensive, but /far/ better than Starbucks or Boarders / Barns and
Noble. I don't think we have /any/ good technical book places, and Frys is
the only electronics store worth visiting as far as I know.

The newly opened is the mecca for makers. Only one in S.D.
Really nice... I can't afford it. also offers classes there.

The Del Mar fair is... a fair... meh. The horse races are... eh... The San
Diego symphony is... whatever. Casinos on all the Indian reservations...


Aside from the obvious, well reported options, there are:
- (great little cult / sandwich place),
- (at the air field),
- (vegetarian / vegan / organic),
- (stunningly expensive, unbelievably over booked, and in
?Escondido? WTH?).

Fast food:
- (Good Christian burgers, and they have a "grilled" cheese
vegetarian option),
- (split a burrito, they are huge),
- (fish tacos)

Wow... that was more than I intended to write. Got a bit caught up in it.
Anyway, if anyone is in SoCal, drop me a line. I always enjoy meeting new

James Newton

{Original Message removed}

2012\05\28@222422 by John Gardner

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If I may add to James' excellent list, the Aviation Museum
at Balboa Park has an Annex in Santee, on Prospect Ave;
the North-East side of Gillespie Field. Worth the trip

2012\05\28@231407 by Tamas Rudnai

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Thanks James and John a lot! It seems there are more things to do here than
I thought! The more I stay here in San Diego the more I like it! Awesome
beaches and it turns out plenty of things to do.

Thanks a lot for all of these again!


On 28 May 2012 19:24, John Gardner <> wrote:

> If I may add to James' excellent list, the Aviation Museum
> at Balboa Park has an Annex in Santee, on Prospect Ave;
> the North-East side of Gillespie Field. Worth the trip.

2012\05\29@115338 by William \Chops\ Westfield

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>> Is anyone from San Diego by any chance? I am just settling down here

> Here’s the “standard” list of places to see

Isn't there some sort of unwritten rule that the local residents are not allowed to go to visit the "tourist traps" (unless you have out-of-town visitors)?  I'm pretty sure I've been to the Santa Barbara zoo (where we visit) more often than the San Francisco zoo (where we live), for example.


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