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'[OT] Airspeed'
1999\05\09@181653 by steve

> The ones I'm working with do 110 mph at 70% throttle.
> And that's an electric!

Doesn't anybody play with Pulse jets any more ?
Where's ya sense of adventure ? :-)


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1999\05\09@183116 by Sean Breheny

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Can you even get pulse jets now? People (with money,that is :-) are playing
turbojets these days.


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1999\05\10@013650 by Russell McMahon

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From: Steve Baldwin <.....stevebKILLspamspam.....KCBBS.GEN.NZ>

>> The ones I'm working with do 110 mph at 70% throttle.
>> And that's an electric!
>Doesn't anybody play with Pulse jets any more ?
>Where's ya sense of adventure ? :-)

You used to be able to buy pulse jets in "Martins" a local hobby shop
when I was a boy (rather long ago now :-)).

There's a nice example of an even older one in the Auckland museum -
suspended on wires as if diving out of the stair well, complete with
swastikas and drab paint - very impressive looking device.

Wonder if they'd let us take the "engine" apart for some design clues


                   Russell McMahon

Footnote:    Helped lose the was for Hitler (I'm pleased to say) due
to the diversion of resources from military priorities into
militarily lower value civilian terror. WVB's V2 was even worse
(AFAIR about 6 fighter plane's resources to build one V2) but it not
only HELPED the allies win WW2 but long term helped put Neil & co on
the moon.

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